Discussions about the future #1

As a by-product of the Agents of Conscious Evolution Class that I am taking by Barbara Marx Hubbard, we are also being trained in the Vistar Foundation‘s Circle Method.  Victoria Freidman participated in one of our classes recently, and in a discussion of forming hubs all around the country, Victoria made a great observation.  You can travel the world, and go into just about any town, anywhere on the Planet and if you need to locate an AA Meeting, you will find one.

I see WE LOVE US in the years to come, as having that same reach. Someday, you’ll be able to travel the world, and everywhere you go, you will see bumper stickers or window clings, or other things that will identify us, like-minded people. How wonderful would that be, knowing that if you were traveling and needed help, or were relocating to a new part of the world, that no matter where you went, you would be able to find the people with your same approach to life?  WE LOVE US can transcend religion and politics. If the WE LOVE US motto comes first, everything else will eventually fall into place. Please don’t mistake me, I’m not suggesting WE LOVE US replaces anything. What I’m boldly suggesting is that if WE LOVE US and what it stands for, is the groundwork upon which all other things are built, it will ensure a positive outcome for all.

There will be a logarithmic effect on our growth, for the more people who adopt the WE LOVE US Motto as a mindset, the faster the energy around them will shift, and the faster change will come to the Planet. We can see that now, with what’s been happening in just the past months or year.

This is what has always troubled me about life. It’s supposed to be about love and happiness; we’re supposed to be able to live our dreams here.  Everyone seems to have forgotten these things. Very few seem happy. Fewer still would say they are living their dreams.

Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network, is shooting for 1 Billion like-minded people to be brought together by 2020, in an event he’s planning. He shared his vision during our last class session. I suggested 8 Billion by 2020, which would be most of the planet. He replied, “I love your spirit.” I’m serious! What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. I forget who said that originally, but it’s true!

I say let’s dream big! Why not!? With the technology of today, we’ve already got the infrastructure in much (I realize not all) of the world.

Thank you, Dear Reader,
With Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

P.S. I welcome your comments and questions!

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